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Professional music equipment & backline material

For all professional music equipment & backline material.

AMPS ON TOUR is a triving rental company with only one goal: Client satisfaction 

How do they do this? 

AMPS ON TOUR meets any band needs of professional music equipment and backline material in time for their tours in Europe.

In the past AMPS ON TOUR’s business owner Jan Cassiers has helped many bands to have their gear ready in no time, so they could enjoy their craft, playing throughout  European cities. He knows first hand what any visiting band needs and provides them with the best equipment to ensure a great concert experience. You will deal with the business owner himself.

The most important values he can give his clients is advice regarding music equipment, a quick response in case of emergency and some interesting deals for the renowned as well as the upcoming bands.  as well as music halls, theatres, festivals, record companies and anyone in need of some professional material.


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